FlexFlite Canada Goose FullBody Flexlite Heads 4pk NBS-FF-4PCG

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FLEXFLITE Canada Goose FullBody Flexlite Heads 4pk NBS-FF-4PCG

The new Flex-flite Goose 4 pack is the first of its kind. Now you no longer have to decide on what head postures to buy. The new flex-flite full body 4 pack offers a patent pending flocked neck technology that allows you to put your decoys neck and head in any natural posture that you desire. From a field full of early season geese feeding, to a late season field full of sleepers-the flex-flite patent pending technology allows you to change your spread with a simple twist of the neck. The flex-flite goose comes with a removable and washable flocked neck sleeve to give even more of a true to nature look in the field
Flex-flite offers a unique FTP Technology (feather tracking paint) This process allows us to give a true to life paint look that will lure even the most pressured birds to your spread.

The flex flite goose is offered with 4 heads with unlimited posture technology, 4 bodies, 4 ring bases

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