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Springfield Armory has strong connections to those that serve both our nation and its citizens. And with its FIRSTLINE program, it has a new way to thank them for their service. This program, open to a wide range of qualified professionals, is designed to offer a select listing of Springfield Armory firearms at discounted pricing in a simple, streamlined process. The select list of firearms includes various models, and all pistols offered in the line come with three magazines.

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Description Price Click to See Image
Springfield Firstline 1911 Garrison Stainless 45ACP 5in 3-7Rd PX9420S-FL $689.00 706397957803.jpg
Springfield Firstline 1911 Operator Black 45ACP 5in 3-8Rd PO9230-FL $899.00 706397957810.jpg
Springfield Firstline 1911 Ronin Two Tone 9mm 4.25in 3-9Rd Mags PX9117L-FL $689.00 706397957766.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellcat OSP Black 9mm 3in HC9319BOSP-FL $479.00 706397957544.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellcat OSP Desert FDE 9mm 3in 3 Mags HC9319FOSP-FL $509.00 706397957568.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellcat OSP Manual Safety 9mm 3in HC9319BOSPMS-FL $479.00 706397957551.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellcat OSP SMSC 9mm 3in 3 Mags HC9319BOSPSMSC-FL $639.00 7063979611961.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellcat Pro OSP Black 9mm 3.7in HCP9379BOSP-FL $499.00 706397957643.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellcat RDP SMSc Black 9mm 3 Mags HC9389BTOSPSMSC-FL $749.00 706397961763.jpg
Springfield Firstline Hellion Bullpup Black 223 5.56 16in HL916556B-FL $1,749.00 706397957865.jpg
Springfield Firstline M1A Scout Squad Black 308 Win 18in AA9126-FL $1,449.00 706397957889.jpg
Springfield Firstline M1A Soccom 16 Firstline 308 Win 16.25 in AA9626-FL $1,559.00 706397957872.jpg
Springfield Firstline M1A Standard Issue Black 308 Win 22in 10Rd MA9106-FL $1,299.00 706397957896.jpg
Springfield Firstline Saint B5 Systems Black 5.56 16in ST916556B-B5-FL $789.00 706397957827.jpg
Springfield Firstline Armory Saint Black 5.56 16in 30Rd ST916556BMA-FL $789.00 706397957834.jpg
Springfield Firstline Saint Victor B5 Black 223 5.56 16in STV916556B-B5-FL $889.00 706397957841.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDM Elite Black 9mm 4.5in 3-20Rd Mags XDME9459BHC-FL $469.00 706397958404.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDM Elite Compact OSP 10mm 3.8in XDME93810CBHCOSP-FL $499.00 706397957759.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDM Elite Compact OSP 45ACP 3.8in XDME93845CBHCOSP-FL $499.00 706397958411.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDM Elite Compact OSP 9mm 3.8in XDME9389CBHCOSP-FL $499.00 706397957728.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDM Elite Compact OSP Red Dot 9mm XDME9389CBHCOSPD-FL $659.00 706397957735.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDM Elite OSP Threaded 9mm 5.28in XDMET9459BHCOSP-FL $559.00 706397957711.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDS Mod 2 OSP CT Red Dot 9mm 3.3in XDSG9339BCT-FL $449.00 706397957674.jpg
Springfield Firstline XDS Mod 2 OSP Black 9mm 3.3in XDSG9339BOSP-FL $349.00 706397957667.jpg